I’ve known Stephen since high school. Seriously. We both pole vaulted (yes, you read that right) for different high school teams and ended up at the same college where he was on the track team through graduation.

One day he called me and asked me to help him propose to Adrienne on a surprise cruise. The trick was, he wanted a photographer on a private chartered yacht – and it couldn’t be someone she knew or she would suspect something was up (she’s very crafty that way). So, he arranged for me to borrow a shirt from the charter company, I printed up some fake photography releases and concocted a story where they had “won” this cruise from a Facebook promotion and that the charter company wanted to document it.

Off we went, I casually took photos of the area, the yacht, the captains, and a few of the unsuspecting soon to be engaged couple. Stephen gave me a quick heads up right before he popped the question and well…the pictures speak for themselves after that. Congratulations Adrienne and Stephen! 2016-07-19_0001.jpg 2016-07-19_0002.jpg 2016-07-19_0004.jpg 2016-07-19_0003.jpg 2016-07-19_0005.jpg 2016-07-19_0006.jpg 2016-07-19_0007.jpg 2016-07-19_0008.jpg 2016-07-19_0009.jpg 2016-07-19_0010.jpg 2016-07-19_0011.jpg 2016-07-19_0012.jpg 2016-07-19_0013.jpg 2016-07-19_0014.jpg