Tampa wedding photographer

Every photographer I know has heard it at least once, and we cringe every time. Every. Time.  “My aunt so-and-so has a nice digital camera, we are just going to have her snap some photos during our wedding.”

Fast forward to a few weeks after the wedding day and no doubt on Facebook, there is a post about how they are sad that aunt so-and-so didn’t get all the pics they would have liked, or they were all blurry, or too dark.  This, my friends, is the worst kind of buyer’s remorse. The kind where you can’t simply return it to the store or do it over.
This is why hiring a professional photographer is important.  This is why any photographer will tell you, please, PLEASE, don’t let aunt so-and-so photograph your wedding. We have seen the remorse, we get the ‘I should have listened’ calls, texts and emails. Trust us.
I am not condemning all of the aunt so-and-so’s out there.  There are exceptions, and she may very well be a very talented photographer. But wouldn’t you rather her enjoy your wedding as a guest without the pressure of playing picture taker? Leave the shot lists, posing, editing and planning up to us.  I love what I do, I wouldn’t do it otherwise.
Here are are a few reasons to leave your wedding day to a pro.
  • Expertise: I have spent countless hours learning, testing, practicing and honing my skills. I don’t just mean skills with the camera, but also lighting, composition, posing, editing, and presentation.
  • Discretion: I know exactly how to get the perfect photo without being intrusive. I won’t wear bright colors, or stand behind the alter. Neither you nor your family and friends will notice me capturing all of the important photos of your wedding.
  • Relationships: More often than not, I have also worked with your vendors before too. We talk, plan, and schedule ahead of time so that we are on the same page for every aspect of your very important day. We know if you are surprising your new spouse in the middle of the ceremony, or giving a special gift before the big day.
  • Storytelling: The important things are those things that happen between the big moments. These are the things that when you look at your photos every year on your anniversary will make you say ‘I remember exactly what I was feeling in that picture’. This is what I specialize in.
These are the pieces of your story that, as a professional photographer, I live for. Food gets eaten, flowers die, and your dress will get put away as a keepsake.  The one thing that keeps those memories fresh, that reminds you of how extremely special that day was, are your images.  You will thank yourself (and your photographer) in 10 years. Trust me.